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Blogging To Test The Water

With every growing business there’s always lots of plans for the future. Sometimes, these plans can be costly or simply not effective. It’s easy to pour all your funds into a campaign and get very few results.

No one likes to waste money, and that’s where blogging can help to save you some cash by being a cheap way of testing a bigger project.

A blog can act as gauge to see how a campaign may workout. If it gains a good response then it’s a promising start to a larger marketing plan. Once you see how a blog takes off, it can also help you determine the areas to concentrate on, as they can show your customers’ interest. This means you will have a clearer idea of where you need to invest with your time and funds.

It’s not uncommon for copywriters to be hired to write two blogs or posts about one project. When a writer produces two lots of content it can be used as a form of AB testing, helping to outline two different possible approaches for a campaign. This can make it even easier for a company to see where their customers are at and what they desire.

Once a blog post has been successful, then you as a company, will be able to look at investing in email marketing, graphic design, social media time, and much more.

If a blog post isn’t a success, then you can still take away some of the information provided, or even insight from lack of information. It may show that the customers aren’t interested in the project, or need extra incentive to get hooked. It could be that you’re aiming for a campaign that doesn’t follow your current brands voice, and that you still need to bring more brand awareness in that will support the future project.

When a blog post is used to test the water of a particular product or service, it can be a good way of helping you decide whether or not to invest in it. If it’s a particular brand that’s new it can also help make it settle in before it arrives on your site. If you manage to build up this awareness then it can result in instant sales or sign-ups as soon as it launches.

A promising response can also help you get one campaign planned so you’re ready to prepare for another in the future for something else. It can even influence you to expand on similar products / services and develop further brand awareness.

The minute a blog post for a potential campaign flops, you’ll know pretty quickly, and then at least can invest time and money into another campaign.

Bonus of hiring a copywriter to help run a test blog, means that they already know the gist of the campaign if you decide to take it further. Meaning that you will also spend less time briefing them when requesting further copy.

Do you have a campaign you’re nervous about starting? Let’s chat about how I can help you test the water.

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