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Quizzes Mean Free Exposure

In the age of COVID-19 the feel on community has turned it’s focus online. This includes the traditional pub quiz. Copywriting isn’t just about writing articles and descriptions but can be in the form of a quiz where your audience can engage with and even share with their friends.

Here’s some tips on using quizzes to help increase your audience and engagement.

  1. Provide them with the answers!

Have you ever looked at the back of a quiz book for all the answers? I know I have, and expect I will again in the future. Knowing the answer to a quiz can feel rewarding and insightful, even if it’s different to what we may have chosen.

When you give your audience the answer to a quiz this if your brands opportunity to tell a story or link it to a product you sell. Simply just putting in option A or B, isn’t enough, and isn’t as satisfying to your readers. However, explaining why option B is correct, makes the reader want to know more about the answer and other related information.

2. Use an Infographic.

Lead your customer to the answer that fits them best, with a series of questions and answers that are mapped out to different answers. Talk them through the whole journey adding ties to relevant products and services along the way.

Remember to make sure they feel included on the adventure of discovery, too.

3. Add a quiz in the form of a survey.

This can be adding a multiple-choice question at the end of a post, to sending a more in-depth survey to your email subscribers.

A well-positioned multiple-choice quiz at the end of a survey can help encourage your readers to keep going. Remember to always thank them for taking part in a creative way that they’ll remember and look forward to visiting your website again.

4. Include and incentive.

When publishing a quiz, using an incentive such as a coupon or even prize can help get your audience sharing. This also can tempt them into a purchase that may of otherwise been put on hold (sometimes indefinitely).

5. Keep them simple.

Don’t add too many options, and make sure questions and answers are short and snappy. A quiz with long winded questions is likely to be left unfinished, and could even put customers off from returning in future. Having too many options can also give too much choice and lead to uncertainty which doesn’t promote individual with the confidence to invest.

Do you like quizzes? Let me know your answer below.

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