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Porn Doesn’t Always Sell

It’s believed that sex is visual and that the right images are what sells porn, but, from my experience images alone do not produce sales. This means when producing adult content, supporting copy is required if you’re aiming for maximin profits.

When using written text to promote sales, you need to make sure that it’s unique per clip, and per place, the video content is published. Using the same content for all sites used for streaming the same product can mean you gain fewer sales. One customer may see the clip advertise on Clips 4 Sale, but later get tempted to invest in it over at AVN. It’s all about the copy. Yet, if both sites have the same web copy, then it’s likely the customer will blank it when seeing it on additional websites.

Keeping the written content in line with your image-based content is essential. Your aim should be to give an idea of the story you have produced and how the customer can use it to fantasize. It’s not just about the performers, but a larger part is about how buying the clip will fulfill the viewer.

Speak directly to your customer, and even get personal by adding questions about how they’re feeling. Be inviting and treat your studio or clips as the place they want to be right now.

Porn is very customer service-based. Any porn producer and star will talk about the emotional labor involved. This is also part and parcel of the written content too.

Within the sex industry performers who are the most successful show authenticity and this is shown via their written content too. People need to know that those involved in creating a scene are real-life people. Going too over the top or unrealistic in your web copy can put individuals off as it can seem all too fake.

When it’s made to feel real, it can feel welcoming, realistic, and achievable to the viewer.

Just like any other product you should make use of tags to help people find your content easier. Popular tags can be sexual acts and fetishes. Focus on the main tags around the particular content and try not to add too many otherwise you may lead your viewer to disappointment.

Publishing content can be stressful and copywriting may be the last thing on your mind after waiting for a website to complete uploading your clip. But, if you completely neglect it, it is likely that you will miss out on paying clients.

Struggling for time to write up your content descriptions? Just like other products and services, I offer copywriting services to the adult industry and porn stars. Pop me a message so we can chat, taboos in all their glory welcome without judgment.

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