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Spend Some Time, Make your Copy Rhyme

In my teens I became homeless and had very little to fall back-on. There were no foodbanks back then, and support mostly focused on trying to get you back home to your family; which sadly wasn’t an option for me.

During this time in my life, I also lost my part time job due to lack of transport funds. Luckily, I still had one thing to fall back on, and ended up selling commissioned poems to buy tampons. I was thankful that when I was forced to leave home, I grabbed my pads of paper and stock of glittery gel pens.

The thing is over ten years on I rarely see the use of poetry and even rhyme within professional copy, yet when I do and it’s done well, it sells.

Adding the odd rhyme or even using it as your marketing copy focus can help bring greater brand awareness and brand recall. This is because our audio memory (acoustic brain) finds memorising rhymes easier than other formats.

Rhyming can also help an individual remember a task they have to perform and can be great when prompting call-to-action.

It’s true that rhyming can work better when heard, but when using it for your audience in a written format, you can encourage them to want to read it out (or at least encourage them to read it with bounce in their mind). Sometimes even using quotation marks can help someone imagine the text is being read to them.

Adding rhyming with the right imagery can add further weight to the content’s validity. However, good content that makes the use of rhyme, with help encourage visual imagination, and help build a stronger bond between reader and content.

When rhyme is executed with fluidity, it can also be seen as being more arcuate and factual, when compared with non-rhyming information on the same subject, (M S McGlone, J Tofighbakhsh, 2000).

There’s countless more theories as to why rhyming may be a successful method to make your content memorable. It can give the reader a nostalgic feeling, due to the use of rhyme and its importance to their childhood. Rhyming can also make an individua feel in a positive mood even when the content being rhymed is dark (C. Obermeier, et al. 2013).

Personally; I simply always find rhyming sticks in my mind.


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