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You’ll Be A Fool Not To

One of the most exciting marketing days of the year is about to happen. No, it’s not Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine’s day, but one when done right can be more fund for customers.

April Fools day is one of the most interesting days to see creative real-time marketing come to life. It helps challenge customer’s opinions, can help challenge brand loyalty, and even lead to future products and promotions.

It’s a day where you as a company can become viral due to customer’s mixed emotions of excitement and disbelief.

It’s important that when using April Fools day to help promote your brand, that you stick with keeping it light hearts and humorous. Making sure that the content stays within the realms of a joke is important and avoiding something that could be seen as aggressive is key.

In 2020 there was a drop in companies taking part in April Fools out of respect of the tragedies made from the pandemic. So, when marketing something as a joke or even a fake product on April Fools day it’s very important to be sensitive to current affairs.

Fake product launches are some of the best April Fools pranks that get customers talking. Some will believe that the product is going to be real and others will cotton-on right away that it’s a prank. When advertising a product like this you need a keen mixture of the believable and unbelievable.

Making sure you announce that the item is an April Fools joke in a timely fashion is key too as if you drag out the big reveal you can leave customers with frustration even if they’re aware the product is a myth.

When doing April Fools marketing it’s important to be aware that someone somewhere will be disappointed. I’ve seen customers just unhappy that a company has a funny side to watching disappointment unravel when they find out the product isn’t real.

April Fools can be a good way to help test the water on new potential products and I have seen brands use it as a way to market research reactions to certain products they have been contemplating.

It can be a great way to help link your brand with another company, and help lead to future collaborations. The food industry is always making “new” items in unbelievable flavor combinations around April Fools day and it can lead to some amazing reactions from customers. Not only can this help you learn what else your customers like or dislike, but it can also help you think about the wider picture more on where to advertise and even how to package future items.

Fake products, unbelievable discounts, made-up collaborations, fake news. It’s time to take advantage of the one day you can have a laugh and spread some joy.

If you would like to learn more about how your company can use April Fools day to your advantage, get in touch; theladyness@gmail.com

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