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The Psychology of Memes and Marketing

How learning the psychology of Memes and Marketing can turn a viral post into paying clients.

Memes have become a really important way of reaching people, as their relatable and often fun.

It sounds like a really easy thing to throw together when n compared to ad copywriting, yet many creatives get memes wrong.

When tackling memes, even when they’re meant to be light-hearted entertainment, we must take the creation of them seriously as they can heavily impact our brand’s voice and goals.

I wrote about memes and their impact on relationships for Giddy:

Ness Cooper, a sexologist and sex and relationship coach at The Sex Consultant explained why memes are perfect for this stage of flirting: “When selecting a meme to share with another, we are likely to feel connected to the social-psychological message it is portraying,” she said. “This means that when sharing a meme, we’re not just sharing something we see quirky or funny, but sharing a deeper side to our personality.”

Let’s translate this into lingo for your brand. A meme is where you share something that resonates with your companies social-psychological message, for it to work through you are best to target an audience with the same social-psychological outlook.

Sounds simple right?

The thing with social-psychological messages and outlooks is that we have many layers to them, and it’s finding the layer we want to target to make our end goal a reality.

When selecting or creating a meme here are some steps needed to make it a marketing success:

  • Research your target audience

Even when ideally clicking on the share button of an already created meme, may seem easy, but many social media managers often forget that their audience isn’t them. Researching your audience is essential when borrowing or creating a meme!

  • Aim for call to action

Don’t just focus on creating the meme, focus on the content that is shared alongside it. Within the add-on copy, call your audience to react with it in ways that help get it shared. If you’re a success in doing this, it may even result in your meme becoming a viral trend.

  • Check current affairs

Sometimes a meme ticks all the right boxes, but on launch day, the timing is wrong. Make sure your marketing team is up-to-date on the latest current affairs, otherwise your meme may be taken sourly.

  • Piggyback on trends

If there’s something big going on in your industry that’s already trendy, see how you can make it work for you. Sharing a meme can be a way of you getting involved in an area your company hasn’t been recognized in before. Remember when using another company’s trend to help give your brand a step up, play nice, and don’t burn bridges.

  • Think about future memes

You have a fabulous idea for a meme, but how can you help keep that going? When creating one meme, think about how you can make a follow-up or related memes, to help keep the trend and exposure going. Aim big, and you will gain a bigger and better following for your meme.

Memes are really fun and can be an excellent addition to other forms of evergreen content If you get your meme right you may even see it pop-up years down the line. Treat memes just like any other ads, as a serious part of your marketing!

If you need help creating memes that fit nicely with your brand, do get in touch. Over the years I’ve had fun creating trending memes, and some have even led to not only great connections and clients but also awards.

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