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Ness Cooper

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I started my adventures in writing as a teenager and first sold my first piece at 13. This developed into being a local journalist whilst selling poetry on the side. Back then, I use to also host my own blog, and still have friends with some of the people I met through those writing adventures almost 20 years on.

Throughout the years I dabbled with blogging, running lifestyle blogs and review websites. I have reviewed thousands of products for companies now, including paid professional reviews and have helped shape product development.

I enjoy venturing in and out of journalism, particularly self-help, and regularly give insight to popular magazine articles, from Cosmopolitan, Menshealth, Playboy, and many more.

You’re probably thinking that my writing experiences are pretty textbook for a copywriter? “What makes her special?”, is probably echoing through your mind as your eyes scan this page. Well it’s my passion for writing. Writing for me has bounce and I can feel the flow of the story as I type. It vibrates through me and speaks to me as I perfect it to page.

Over the years I have studied counselling and have learned to read peoples body language and interpret their unconscious for them to help get their story heard. Writing seems to have the same process for me, as each almost has its own body language, and each sentence is almost dancing.


When I write, I’m in my element.


Willing to work with any company regardless on their background - after all, we all deserve good copywriting for a Happy Ending.

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Regularly appears online, in print magazines, and even quoted in books.

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Advanced Dipolma in Digital Marketing, Diploma In Psychology Of Sales, OnlineMarketing Fundamentals, Diploma in Viral Marketing, Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing,Diploma in Digital Marketing.

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