The Top 5 Ways Adult Industry Copy is Changing

The Top 5 Ways Adult Industry Copy is Changing

The Adult Industry is one of the most solid industries around that can bring in lots of money. Adult Sex Toy Sales have increased substantially in 2020 and more small independent online sex shops have popped up. Customers are seeking more from retailer than ever, and, not just from satisfying product stock. Consumers are asking more than ever for retailers to make each webpage browsed feel individual to them and accept them with openness.

With marketing sex toys and content, I have seen more requests for the following 5 changes.

  • Gender Neutral Pronouns

During Pride Month I attended a few LGBTQ+ marketing conferences and workshops. The focus of each talk I attended was making content more inclusive for all genders and how gender neutral pronouns can help making content more welcome to non-binary customers. Through my blogging adventures, I have also had clients reach out, requesting more reviews, website descriptions and product information to step away from the traditionally used pronouns such as “She”, and “Him”.

  • Sex Toys Labelled for Genital Type Over Societal Gender

In a recent twitter poll I conducted, I asked my readers whether they preferred reading reviews stating “penis sex toy” or “male sex toy”. The end results revealed that 52% still wished to use the current phrase, but 48% said they’d prefer sex toys labelled by genitals rather than gender to help make sex toys more inclusive.

  • Guides are more popular than ever

From sex toys to sex positions and even STI’s, people want to learn as much as possible to answer their sex questions to help better understand their bodies or partner(s). You’re probably reading this thinking that there are loads of sex guides out there already, but over 10 years of copywriting, people want the information repeated to them in your company’s voice. Sometimes, it can take six or more times of being told some information, but it’s finding the piece of content that fits with you and your customers way of thinking for it to set in. It’s not just short guides people are searching for now, but ebooks, webinars, live zoom events and even podcasts are all valid methods to help share that much needed advice.

  • Social Media and Blog Take-Overs

These are relatively new, but when you’ve built enough evergreen copywriting, collaborating with an influencer by trusting them with producing content can help get customers notice you. Selecting an individual who you can trust and speaks your company’s message already can really bring strength to your brand – just don’t forget to offer to pay them!

  • More Curiosity for Alternative Relationships

People are becoming more curious about learning alternative relationships and even forming them. Moving away from purely heteronormative content can help welcome more diversity. This doesn’t mean avoiding heteronormative relationships in your web content, but be more open to exploring content that can include more relationship dynamics, from non-monogamy to Dominant and submissive relationships.

Unsure on how you can incorporate these into your adult website? Then drop me a message and we can put together an action plan.

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