You Work For Free Too?

You Work For Free Too?

In any industry, if you show you have a particular talent someone out there will try and get it for free.

I’m certain you’ve had messages from at least one person asking you to provide what you do for free.

As a copywriter, this pops up daily.


As someone who trained in therapy, it pops up several times a day at least, when people are asking for counselling.

No one can work for free realistically.

Copywriting is a skill set that can help make a company a lot of money, or get clients or readership. It can’t be judged by paid per word, the smaller copy can lead to bigger sales, and large pages filled with text can work too. It all depends on the product and the outcome goals.

I spent years giving away free copywriting and it just caused me stressed and even a dislike for writing.

As humans we have needs and if our income is affected, it can influence both our physical and mental health. And if a writer is struggling to pay bills, you can guarantee that the content they provide for free won’t be their best.

When working with a copywriter, the focus should be on making sure everyone is happy with the arrangement. If an agreed agreement is met without teeth-gritting and angst, then it’s very likely, that you are going to get some amazing copy for your brand.

Paying a copywriter is not only good for making sure good content is delivered to you, but it can have benefits for your company’s future. If you plan to expand your company, then somewhere down the line, you may need more content. Going to someone who already knows your brand’s voice can help keep things in line with your brand’s awareness.

Having good relations with a copywriter also means that they are more likely to refer you to other great creatives in the future, which can also help build your brand further.

Writers, particularly ones who have specialist areas, can be a great resource for your industry on many levels. If you’re going with an industry writer and maintain a good relationship with them by being professional, it will show in the future if you cross paths again.

It’s worth thinking of copywriters and other creatives as an investment for the long run, rather than just focusing on present goals and targets.

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