The Biggest Mistake Drop Shipper Adult Retailers Make

The Biggest Mistake Drop Shipper Adult Retailers Make

It can be very tempting to set-up an adult retail site, and now days it all seems all too easy. You don’t even need to house stock yourself, rather you can use the Drop Shipper route instead. This is where products are ordered through you but shipped direct from a warehouse or other third-party storage and dispatch service.

With over 10 years working in adult ecommerce I have seen many start-up companies rely on drop shippers and fail. The main issue is content.

Those selling via drop shippers are often provided with generic product descriptions that is duplicated and many of these companies will simply copy and paste these onto their site. This doesn’t help overall when trying to get ahead of already established retailers. Meaning when your customers are searching for a specific product, they simply won’t find your site as so many are advertising the same.

When I’ve seen successful companies use drop shippers, but it is only the ones willing to invest in their content and research. Ones that use the everyday content provided generally only last a few quick months and end up making few sales.

Writing content for your website can be even harder when you are using a drop shipper as you haven’t seen the product itself. If you are using a drop shipper for adult products such as sex toys, then there’s thousands of items you haven’t seen or even sometimes read their own packaging information. Writing your own unique copy can be hard when the information provided is limited.

That’s why hiring a copywriter who understands your products is key. If you are using a drop shipper then it’s likely you have 100s of products you want to market B2C but have never seen. After over ten years in the adult industry I have seen thousands of products and regularly keep up-to-date with new and up-and-coming sex tech. Even iconic vibrators that have been around before I started in the sex toy industry; I am able to write new and engaging content for your audience as I have seen how these items work.

The use of drop shippers isn’t the only method you can invest in to provide items to your customers. You can do a mixture of inhouse warehouse sales with only having larger or expensive items purchased via drop shippers. So, if you’re in the adult industry and really want to sell large sex furniture without storing it, you can use a drop shipper to store these items and ship them to your customers. This method is used by many larger companies not just in the adult industry, and even Argos uses it when people are buying large fitness equipment, chairs, and more.

A lot of drop shippers will have a lot of similar products on sale, and when you sign-up with them, it can become tempting to add all of them to your website – DON’T.

Sure, you’ve invested a lot of money into products and starting up and want to make it back quick, but too many similar products posted at once can lead to confusion. Having 15 butt plugs listed that look similar and have similar properties is just going to confuse your customers and overwhelm them. It can be better to start adding a few similar products at a time, rather than loads, and sell them first being adding the others to the website just like adding new lines. Plus, when you add less at a time you can do AB testing easier and see what products your customers are truly interested in; helping you gage future product sales easier.

If using AB testing to help understand your products, the items you are struggling to shift can be promoted in targeted content such as blog posts or social media copy to help shift them off the shelves.

If you’re unsure of what products are similar due to not having there with you, again, this is where hiring an industry focused copywriter can help. Even if you feel comfortable producing your own copy, hiring someone who’s been involved with starting up online sex shops, can be beneficial. Many copywriters who specialise in niche markets will also offer consultations helping make sure your product action plan goes smoothly.

If you’re hoping to make it big with only drop shippers you need to be willing to put in the work, or at least invest in the right people to help you along the way. Drop shipping seems like a quick and easy option to set-up an online store, but in reality, unless you contribute additional funds and times, you’re going to struggle to make conversions.

Needing a copywriter to help with your sex toy content or simply need insight into the industry, then get in touch! I’m just a wish away from helping you get your Copy Ever After.

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