The Importance Of Unique Reviews

The Importance Of Unique Reviews

The Importance Of Unique Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials are a supporting pillar for your brand and can help gain new customers. It gets tempting to make some mistakes here though, because getting unique customer opinions can take time to generate, many want to take short cuts by reposting reviews.

Reviews, whether it’s of a product or service you offer, is still content.

Getting paid unbiased reviews can be a good starting point when launching a new product, or offering free samples. Over time, hopefully, your customers may start to naturally want to review what you do or sell. Once they see an organic flow of unique reviews being posted, it can encourage others to support you, or even use your services.

One big mistake many get tempted in doing is copying reviews that customers have left else where for your products and services. This makes duplicated content can result in you being harder to find via search engines. Even taking just chunks of the review can be enough to make the search engines unhappy with your web content.

I have heard some content creators’ debate this and say that it doesn’t make a difference, however, I feel with how rules in search engines are always changing it’s safer to avoid copying reviews. Even without the possible search engine implications that can follow from copying reviews, I have learnt over years of reviewing, that when customers and other reviewers see copies of reviews, they aren’t very happy.

If you receive a good review on another site, simply leaving it there will do your own website SEO. A mention else where that’s naturally formed, can even help your website and naturally map people your way.

Encouraging your customers to post a review on a particular review platform will help more than requesting them to just post anywhere. More reviews for your company on one site will hold better authenticity for your customers to read.

Follow-up emails post sale of product or service can help encourage your clients to write a little snippet of their experience.

Offering an incentive, such as a future discount can also help as an encouragement.

Remember, that when you are emailing customers for reviews, allow them to unsubscribe or opt out of this during sign-up or check-out. Emailing once for a request is enough. Too regularly can make your clients feel uncomfortable – the goal is to avoid spam and keep happy customers.

Depending on what platform you use to manage your website, it may be worth looking into plugins and widgets that allow you to display reviews or quotes from popular review sites on yours.

A link to a review site on your site via a button, can also be another good option to look into, to help your customers access your company’s reviews.

Final thought on reviews, is that they can not only be an added bonus towards sending customers your way, but they can also help you adapt what you do and sell to what your audience demand.

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