Have You Missed Your Valentine’s Deadline?

Have You Missed Your Valentine’s Deadline?

The year is coming to an end and we haven’t even seen through Christmas and New Year, but if you’re only just starting to think about Valentines Copy in the adult industry, then you need to be quick to act.

Valentines Day is one of the biggest events in sales for sex toys and lingerie, it’s so big, most big companies know what they are doing a year before it happens. Often ending one Valentine’s Day and focusing on to the next. This means often I have been booked to write next years Valentine’s copy and content, long before I am booked to write other holiday related content.

If you think Black Friday and New Year Sales are competitive, it doesn’t compare to the stress that comes with being unprepared for Valentine’s Day in the adult industry. Having a rushed plan with little content can greatly influence your yearly profit.

Why is Valentine’s so important? It’s a universally known holiday that celebrates relationships and love. That also means people are looking to make a difference to their routine of expressing love and intimacy. It’s a time when people who don’t normally invest in lingerie and sex toys, will be prompted to buy products for themselves or a loved one.

This means Valentine’s Day copy is not just focusing on your current customers, but, also new customers.

Copy for Valentine’s Day needs to give the option of something new to those who are experienced in your products already, whether this is through inspirational guides, to tempting them to try different products. It’s also a time where beginner’s guides with a Valentine’s twist can be helpful, to lead new customers or occasional shoppers to products that they will enjoy and remember even after the special day.

Having just one blog post isn’t enough, as simply it will only help prompt some of your regulars to make a purchase. During the lead-up to Valentine’s Day you need a strategy in place with a mixture of posts that fit together and cover all customers you are trying to attract. Some companies will go with a series of Valentine’s guides promoting products, others will even link in erotica to feed the customers fantasies about a particular lingerie set.

Often around Valentine’s Day you will be publishing more content than any other time of year. It needs to fit with your brand still, and not just focus on the special occasion; this is to keep customers coming back to you rather elsewhere in future.

There are also other opportunities that Valentine’s Day allows, and that’s call-to-action prompts to not just sell products, but to get customers to sign-up to your website’s newsletter. This can then also have related tips and information around the posts you are releasing to help coax clients back to your website, or even give extra insensitive by providing a discount (Valentine’s Day gift from YOU to THEM).

If you still haven’t got your adult industry Valentine’s Day copy, I can still put together a failsafe action plan and content. You need to be quick or you will be too late and miss out on those Valentine’s profits and sales!

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