How Interviewing Others Helps You

How Interviewing Others Helps You

When you’re stuck on upping your brand awareness it can be a bit like a writer gets writer’s block.

Interviewing another expert or influencer in the same field as you can help you gain credibility, making you an authority figure in your industry.

This helps bring brand awareness.

When you interview another on your website, the individual or company is likely to share the interview with their audience too, gaining more clicks and readership for both.

There’s many ways collaborating with interviews can be used to get your customers hooked. It doesn’t have to be just by publishing on your blog, but can be used for a greater marketing strategy. Building-up the anticipation of the interview can get people checking your site regularly so they don’t miss the information revealed via the interview. Using email marketing and social media can help get people geared-up for the content that will be published. Upping email subscriptions and followers.

The added bonus here is that it’s not just your network is hearing about the interview content. The company you interview network is being made aware of your brand by their channels too.

To take full advantage of interviewing another in your field you want to make sure that some of the questions asked highlight your band and its story too. It’s a common misconception that an interview should be all about the one being questioned. Rather, it can be worked best if you can show your audience how your stories merge and complement each other.

A successfully written interview will also have a good bouncer and feel to it, and should aim to feel like an actual conversation where possible.

Interviews may seem like an easy blogging opportunity. However, they can still be as challenging as other writing when putting together.

When writing an interview, from the questions, to editing, it can still be beneficial to hire a copywriter to help. A copywriter may also come with added benefits too, particularly if you are seeking one who specialises in your current field. They may already have good connections with other brands and individuals that can be interviewed, saving you time on hunting for someone for the blog post.

A specialist copywriter in your field can also ask questions that show brand knowledge and awareness, keeping the interview on track and show your authenticity.

One final bonus of hiring a copywriter to take the lead on producing a successful interview, is they know the questions that your customers are searching for. A good writer can add elements of these into the interview by either direct questions or steering the conversation the right way.

Do you think interview content could help your brand? Unsure or simply just don’t where to start, then pop an email my way, so we can work on making your stories next chapter.

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