Redirecting And Cloaking Paid Links

Redirecting And Cloaking Paid Links

Redirecting And Cloaking Paid Links

So, you want to make some writing with your copywriting, right? And you should!

The downside is that affiliate links are do-follow links, and these can put your page ranking down.

Want to know a secret way to get around this without upsetting Google? Then, here’s how to still monetize your links without losing page ranking!

Redirecting and cloaking your links can be a way for you to still gain commissions and still get your content found by readers. When you post a normal do-follow affiliate link in your website content it can mean that the page ranking favour goes to the site you’ve linked to rather than your websites writing.

Redirecting an affiliate link can mean you keep your page ranking from your content and still get every click through the link counted and commissioned.

Shorting a url is one simple method of redirecting an affiliate link. Using a website to shorten the url acts as the redirect. Some affiliate websites have caught onto this and offer a quick method of link shortening!

Other easy methods of cloaking and redirecting your links is installing a WordPress plug-in to do it for you as you apply your content to your pages – there’s a few you can google and pick between.

Using plug-ins or even paid services to redirect links can be a method of quickly changing links when the affiliate changes or product page. You can simply use the platform you’ve selected and search your keyword for the link and simply do it at a click of a button. Amazing, right?

Plug-in and cloaking services can also help you gain better tracking for paid links on your website, helping you know where your focus is needed best!

Being able to track and change your links with ease can help reduce the amount of broken links your website has. Search engines hate broken links, readers dislike them too. When you’re able to check and change quickly when needed, it can help keep your SEO at top notch and page ranking high, whilst making viewers happy.

Using this method may also help add extra security to your content as it can protect bots from altering your affiliates. Making sure your money stays yours!

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