How Often Should I REALLY Be Blogging?

How Often Should I REALLY Be Blogging?

When I started blogging in the early 2000s, I remember every moment I had I would post. Back then that would be between high school lessons and queuing for a PC at the local library. I probably on average poured my heart and soul into every post, and would’ve scarified hours with friends, to the HTML Gods so I could have new graphic banners and emojis (AKA smilies back then).

The thing is, when I started blogging as a teenager, I had very few goals on where my blog would lead. It did lead to some free trips out as school friends would read it and dug my gothic vibe, but that’s it.

Blogging as an adult working in copywriting has set goals. It’s not just used as a diary or a way to vent (Even though those are very therapeutic).

Content blogging for a company has two main goals: Organic Traffic and Brand Awareness.

Depending on how large your company is can influence how often you produce blog posts focused on either organic traffic or brand awareness.

Generally, you’re looking at publishing 4 blogs at least a week!

Organic traffic’s goals are reached through optimized copy. That’s writing with keywords, meta data, information that relates to your specific company aims. You’ve probably heard of it as SEO, and it is the content that helps customers find you when using search engines. If you’re a small company relying on conversions through people searching online for the stuff you do, then you’re aiming at producing around 3 blogs a week with an SEO focus. Larger companies with larger goals can benefit from 4 and over blog posts with targeted SEO.

Brand awareness is less important in frequency, but even smaller websites should aim for at least one a week. Larger companies you are looking at around 3 or more if needed. Brand awareness is all about your brand with the aim of getting loyal readership or customers. They are often more personal posts with a focus on telling your brands story and giving your brand its own personality to help customers remember you. If you have a particular philosophy on how you run your company, then this is one example of brand awareness you can share.

If you’re struggling with keeping up with regular blog content you can experiment on types of content that engage your customers the most. The main aim of blogging frequency at the end of the day is consistency, so keeping it to a level you can manage can be better than burnout from pushing yourself too hard. If you burnout and stop posting, then your readership and customers will start to sizzle out.

This is where outsourcing a regular copywriter can help. A good copywriter can produce regular content for when you need it, so one weeks you’re struggling, you have the content there ready to publish!

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