The Fight Between Good Content And Imposter Syndrome

The Fight Between Good Content And Imposter Syndrome

The Fight Between Good Content And Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is the thoughts that many of us have lurking over our shoulder telling us we aren’t good enough and just don’t belong. It affects me even at times and I’ve been writing for almost 20 years professionally.

As a copywriting for hire, I have found that with every new client, that many of them come with doubts regarding their content. It’s not just the issues surrounding the pen to paper process, but sometimes as a client, I find they are over worrying about their ideas and whether or not they are good enough.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a high achiever and get your company to the top, but over thinking that there’s always better out there can stop your company from even starting!

If you’re worried about taking the leap to getting your content started, there are somethings that may help reassure you that, Yes, Your Ideas Are Amazing.

  1. Fact Check

False information often floods our mind when we are struggling with imposter syndrome. Fact checking those niggly little doubts can help reassure you that your ideas are valid.

2. Stop Jumping To Negative Conclusions

Easier said than done right? But the issue is we often but often we jump to conclusions before waiting for actual reactions and impact. Generally, those negative feeling preventing you from taking the next step, are ones you are thinking and no one else.

3. Don’t Compare

Don’t over compare your company with others out there. Even if you feel your company is the same, I can reassure you, that your company is different. It’s about getting your voice out there to your audience and not your competitors.

4. Ask Your Audience

If you’re having any doubts, now’s the time to ask your potential customers and clients what they want. If your imposter syndrome is pushing a particular doubt your way, just ask your clients their thoughts. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, let them bring the questions to you.

5. Remember We’re Always Learning

When learning new skills and putting together your brand, it’s worth remember that we are always learning and sometime mistakes may be made. Often these aren’t fall backs but opportunities to learn from. Any mistake that can occur too, often is only briefly noticed by your target audience, and sometimes not at all.

6. Do You Have The Right Audience?

Sometimes we think it’s all about us, when in fact we are pitching to the wrong team. If you’re really struggling with doubt, take a step back and see who else you should be marketing towards with your content. Also, be open to getting multiple audiences engaged with different content as trial to see who you fit with better.

7. Selfcare

When we’re over stressing about being a perfectionist, we often forget to actually look after our own personality and start to groom the imposter. We get into a cycle of unproductivity and the stress can build-up. It can be good at times to take a moment to step away from your brand and company for moments of selfcare and self-reflection. What ever your method to unwind with, whether it’s exercise to Netflix, sometimes we just need to take me-time.

8. Try To Do Less

You’re probably telling me right now that you just don’t have the time to do less, but over stretching yourself can really put a strain on your productivity. Take moments to break things down into more manageable chunks can help produce better results, even if it does take a bit longer.

9. Form Friends Within Your Industry

The imposter may be telling you that everyone including yourself is the enemy, but this isn’t true. Often, you’ll find that interacting with others in your industry, that you are not alone in your struggles. Attending trade shows, going on forums, and even grabbing a ticket for an online summit / conference can help you meet like minded individuals and even gain some decent free advice on how to overcome your negatives about your company.

10. Ask For Help

AT times we can be over stressing to make the right decisions for our own company and brand and asking for help can be the best method to overcome it. Over the years I have found that once someone has helped with the start-up, it can help you gain the confidence needed to take things further yourself. This is one reason I enjoy helping people get their perfect copy, as once they have the basics, they can continue their adventure onto their Happily Ever After.

The general rule of thumb is that we aren’t imposters no matter how much our brain tries to trick us into believing it. Try some of these steps and see how you get along. Hopefully you’ll have a booming business in no time, with the tips above on how to tackle imposter syndrome.

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