What Is Copywriting

What Is Copywriting

It took me years until I knew what copywriting was, and that was after I accidently had stumbled into a career as one. For while the confusion stayed with me, I had no idea that there was a specific term for what I was doing! And, because of that, I had seriously undervalued it as a career and saw it as a hobby for a long time.

Hobby writing is very different to copywriting though.

With copywriting you are writing and producing content that makes a product or service come alive, and yes whilst some can do this as a hobby in the form of affiliate blogging or reviews, there’s more to it.

Copywriting is a service that provides copy for your website that sells your product or voice. This can be in the form of getting the tone of your brand out there to shifting products off warehouse shelves.

When I talk about copywriting to everyday folk there’s often a confused look on their face due to the word containing “copy”, some automatically think it has something to do with copyright. Copy is simply the words that a writer produces for a website or advertising platform. It can be used to help support and market your copyrighted products, but other than being written content, that’s the only possible link with copyright. If you’re looking to copyright or trademark a product, getting some good copywriting can be a bonus in supporting it when it comes to gaining sales.

It’s to help direct people to the products and services they need. Most hiring a copywriter are hoping that those reading the text content for a product or service take action. Sometimes this is via the sale of an item, signing-up to a service, becoming a member of a club, or similar.

It’s everywhere, in your emails, on this website, in your local paper, and every time you check-out a product in the supermarket.

Some companies using a copywriter have different targets of call to action. Not everyone seeking the service of a copywriter are looking for a product sale, but rather, brand awareness and eventually even loyalty.

So, what is copywriting? It is writing that helps your story get to its next chapter.

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