Why A Copywriter May Say No

Why A Copywriter May Say No

Why A Copywriter May Say No

The wonderful world of being self employed is flexibility and options; this can even mean turning away clients.

When seeking a copywriter for a set project you may have moments where your selected writer may say no. This isn’t always a bad thing, and can be a positive for your brand.

There are times I am swamped with contracts that I simply don’t have the availability to take on more clients.

However, there are moments when I get emailed a project that I simply just turn it down due to my gut instinct telling me that there’s someone better for the job (and where I can I will often refer to another content writer).

This doesn’t make me a bad copywriter overall, if anything it helps the clients more when I say no to a project that just simply doesn’t fit with me. If I don’t feel a bounce and a good vibe in a project, I know it may reflect in the content I produce, meaning it could influence negatively on my client’s readers and customers.

Every copywriter also has areas that they have more knowledge in too, whether it is social trends related to a project, to background knowledge.

To avoid being let down too much when emailing a copywriter, looking through their portfolio can help gain better insight into the areas they have written in already.

Getting a copywriter who works in your niche area can really help when you are trying to attract particular clients. For example, I have over 13 years writing adult industry copy, sex and relationship copy, and have experience in the fitness and wellbeing industry. Whilst I have dabbled in other areas when creating content, these are the ones I can dive deeper into, which is particularly beneficial when someone emails me requesting a larger project.

If there’s an offer to be part of a project I have no background knowledge in, I may be hesitant in agreeing a contract. A contract that requires me to do more research means I will take longer to produce relevant copy, and in the long run can cost you more. Hiring someone knowledgeable in your particular area can not only help get the right story out there but also be more cost effective.

I see that as a win all round!

So, don’t fret too much is a writer turns away your copywriting proposal, it could work out better for your brand overall, and possibly save money and gain better connections.

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