Ness Cooper copywriter
Ness Cooper
Sexologist and Copywriter

Writer and sexologist

I have over 15 years of experience in copywriting and working as a journalist. My specialisms are in health, well-being, and fitness. And, I generally focus on sex and relationship articles, guides, and opinion pieces but have been known to write about other niches.

Over the years, my writing has led me to meet amazing people and the opportunity to study further in human sexuality. In 2012 I was nominated for a trade award as best erotic journalist, and over the years I have won various blogging awards. In 2022 I was nominated as best sexologist at the Sexual Freedom Awards.


I now regularly write for various publications as well as writing guides and other informative pieces on sex and relationship matters.


Not only do I have a background in journalism and copywriting, but I also have experience in writing academic papers, as well as being published as an author in two self-help books.


I’m always open to commissions and collaborations, and I also offer consultants.